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    Since 2001, Euroforme has been offering a variety of courses and daily follow-up to its members.
    Constantly updated on the practices and their evolutions, we are the last independents in the West of Toulouse.

    Nos horaires d'ouverture

    To all our sports friends,
    We are pleased to announce the reopening of the club.

    However, due to the virus in circulation, the access modalities are evolving and now require an online reservation regardless of your membership type.

    Here are the steps to follow:
    1- Fill in the contact form of the site: this allows us to obtain your email which will be used as your login.
    2- After receiving your message, we will be able to send you your connection parameters.
    3- From June 8, book your access to the club via the online booking module or by downloading the HeitzFit 3.0 mobile application.
    4- Finally, you come to the club at the time you have previously reserved to enjoy a well-deserved workout!

    If you encounter any difficulties, you can contact us by phone between 2 and 4 p.m. starting June 9.

    Sanitary measures in the club:
    We use suitable products for cleaning floors and equipment.
    We have hydroalcoholic lotion at your disposal.
    Cleaning products are available for disinfecting appliances and accessories after use.

    We would also like to ask you to:
    1 – Always use a towel like a bath towel. Towels that are too small to completely cover the equipment are not allowed.
    2 – And bring your personal floor mat for group classes or to do your floor exercises.

    We will do our best to apply the barrier gestures together and we are really happy to see you soon!

    Fabrice and the Euroforme team

    An efficient team close to the members for a follow-up adapted to each one of them

    Whatever your goal is: to lose weight, slim your figure, tone you up, strengthen your muscles, improve your well-being or physically prepare you for other sports, we are committed to do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.

    Our establishment provides you with 20 hi-tech cardio-training workstations and more than 40 bodybuilding workstations over a surface area of 500 m2.

    Plenty of formulas and flexible hours for your comfort

    Very flexible subscription formulas are offered by the session, month, term, semester and year for individuals, couples, students or C.E.s.

    In order to best meet your needs, we invite you to inquire on the spot given the diversity of available subscriptions.

    A fractioned payment for your annual subscriptions is possible (see conditions at the reception).
    Holiday vouchers and ANCV sports vouchers accepted.
    Each member has access to the club on presentation of his or her membership card.
    Access to the establishment’s private car park.
    Access to the Pasteur Station Tramway 20 metres away.