Weight lifting enables custom work on many machines for each muscle group with the sole purpose of improving general health. Preparation of specific programs:

  • Back,
  • Slimming down,
  • Surfing, skiing, mountain biking etc …

Once you subscribe, there are three steps:

– Make an appointment with a qualified teacher status,

– Determine the desired objectives,

– Receive your tailored training program with explanations,

Euroforme offers top level of equipment, GERVASPORT, to work all muscle groups. A coach is present in the room, to advise and rectify programs if necessary. For an one to one supervised training, visit our Personal Training page.

In order to customize the work in the weight room, we offer a subscription with a coaching plan.

Lastly, for more than 10 years, our sports club has managed to maintain clients who are sportive and as well as those choosing to preserve and stay in shape (sometimes over the age of 70). We take pride and strive to get to know our members. even if in most fitness centers, members remain anonymous. Euroforme knows how to stay friendly and professional while still being very respectful of your choices.

There’s nothing like a good weight training session to pump you up!

Opening time

– Monday: 12h-21h

Tuesday to Friday: 9h-21h

– Saturday: 10h-14h

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